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Vendor leasing

Vendor leasing incorporates all financial solutions (based on leasing), used by manufacturers, importers and distributors of investment goods to stimulate sales. The expression "sales financing programs" gives undoubtedly a better and clearer definition of these operations. Within ING Lease, the subsidiary called ING Lease Belgium has specialised in dealing with this type of operation.

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These programs offer major advantages :

  • an important rise of sales volumes
  • securing of loyal customer especially as far as operational leasing is concerned.
  • control on the end of contracts with a view to renewal business
  • additional revenue possibilities by offering additional servicesProducts offered by ING Lease Belgium

ING Lease Belgium offers different possibilities that can be adapted to the specific needs of the supplier/ partner manufacturer, importer or distributor).


A partnership

The supplier and ING Lease Belgium agree on co-operating by signing a partnership that defines the mission and the mutual responsibilities. The end-users and ING Lease sign and enter a contract with each other.


Back to back leasing

The back to back leasing is a sale and lease back formula. A leasing contract is signed between ING Lease Belgium and the supplier who will sub-lease the equipment to the end-user through a second contract. This second contract includes additional services such as maintenance of the leased equipment. The initial leasing contract involving ING Lease Belgium is unknown to the end-user.

NB : the sub-lease contract between the supplier and the end-user may not (legally speaking) include a purchase option in favour of the end-user. This contract is mostly pledged in favour of ING Lease Belgium.


Debt cession

The supplier will sign a rental contract with the end-user and will sell this contract and the rented equipment to ING Lease Belgium. The cession of the debt will be notified to the end-user. ING Lease Belgium, being the new lessor, will invoice the rentals and do the full administration of the contract.

NB : ING Lease Belgium may not notify the cession of the debt to the end-user and can give the supplier the task to collect the payments. In this case, the operation remains undisclosed to the end-user who will ignore the intervention of ING Lease Belgium.


A joint venture

A manufacturer or importer of investment goods can establish a joint venture with ING Lease Belgium in order to offer leasing and renting service for the equipment he distributes. In this case, the manufacturer or importer will use his product and market experience as well as his sales force. ING Lease Belgium will provide its leasing know-how its expertise and the necessary infrastructure. The establishment of a joint venture will have to be supported by of a business plan that demonstrate the potential sales volumes and the profitability of the operation.



For each of those products, ING Lease Belgium offers a vast number of services aimed at providing its partner with a tailor-made solution :

  • Strategic positioning and wide range of service
  • Personalised legal documentation
  • Set-up and follow-up of interest rate-sheet
  • Training of the sales staff and possibility of assistance in fieldwork
  • Credit analysis and decision
  • Coverage of the credit risk
  • Refinancing the operation at very attractive rates
  • Administrative management
  • Invoicing of rentals and follow-up of the debtors
  • Management of bad debts
  • Tailor made reporting
  • Management of contract terminations