ING Lease


IT equipment

ING Lease offers specific flexible leasing solutions in Belgium and in Luxembourg for IT- and office-equipment. Initially specialised in financing mainframes for major accounts, ING Lease Belgium then evolved towards administrative and financial management of IT-fleets (“IT Administrative and Financial Outsourcing”).

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The main objective is to provide the lessee with efficient tools to minimise the global cost of its IT-equipment (“Total Cost of Ownership”). At the same time, ING Lease Belgium intends to give the lessee the possibility to improve his equipment (“swap”, “upgrade”, etc.) if required.


A computer environment that evolves at your pace

Your computer needs to evolve, so your computer tools must evolve as well.

With ING Lease Belgium, you can :

  • add or replace equipment and you choose when to do it
  • maintain or modify your lease payments
  • maintain or extend the duration of your contract

Your IT products are leased for a period adapted to their life cycle and their use.

Upgradable leasing with ING Lease Belgium covers all aspects of your computer projects: equipment, software and services - without any restrictions on brands nor suppliers.

By easing the burden on your company's budget, and by freeing your company's capital so that it is not tied up in equipment purchases, leasing helps you change your computer system or upgrade your equipment at any moment during the contract period.


Your computer outlays and expenses remain under control

Preserve your own financial ressources.

You can :

  • establish a payment plan
  • control your costs
  • plan for future outlays

Expenses associated with the setting up of your computer system and its use (Total Cost of Ownership) can be streamlined and made predictable.

A single comprehensive invoice, sent at regular intervals, gives you an immediate overall picture of the total use costs of your computer tools.

The leasing charges are spread over the period during which the equipment is in use.

You can therefore preserve your financial ressources for other investments and outlays that are directly related to your core business.