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The term "Equipment" includes all the movable investment goods except cars, commercial vehicles and hardware that are dealt with in their own section further on.

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The advantages of leasing

Leasing is first of all a tailor-made financing method. It allows financing of investments at one hundred percent including miscellaneous expenses such as annual, travel, installation or even the professional training expenses. As for the financing of the VAT, it will be paid for by ING Lease Belgium.

More than any other financing method, leasing preserves the company’s liquidities.

Leasing is also an easy way to invest which does not require formalities or specific guarantees other than signing the contract. Besides, your company thereby preserves the availability of its bank credit facilities.

In the range of the ING Lease Belgium products, your company has the possibility to choose between the on-balance sheet and the off-balance sheet options. In this latter option, the investment is accounted for on the balance sheet of ING Lease Belgium so that neither the solvency ratios nor the debt ratios are affected.

As the leasing is reimbursed by the cash flow (generated by the investment) it doesn’t jeopardise the ability of your company to deal with the existing debts. The monthly leasing costs, calculated in advance can easily be included in the budget.

Leasing is a flexible formula that allows your company to evolve: for instance, new accessories or new options can be added to the investment during the contract period. In this case, only the forthcoming rentals will be affected.

From the fiscal point of view, leasing can also be a very attractive solution, especially as far as fiscal property deduction is concerned.


Investment threshold

Normally, an investment threshold of 10.000 EUR excluding VAT is required.



The third party and the comprehensive insurance are payable by the lessee.